The Secret of Percentage Golf

The content of this book will be of great help to all golfers striving to improve their handicaps and scores. It is an ideal “Pocket Caddy”to take with you to the driving range or practice ground. All aspects of the game are covered supported by colourful illustrations and charts to monitor your progress. This little book will definitely improve your scoring and fits neatly into a standard scorecard holder.

Improve your golf now


About Keep The Ball In Play

First Published in 1992. Golf World magazine purchased 100.000 copies and gave it away with the Ryder Cup edition of their magazine, their panel of golf professionals could find no fault in it for its content. In 2013 it has been updated and refreshed but most of the original content retained. It is an ideal pocket book for golfers of all abilities and provided a golfer decides to put the advice into practice will most certainly result in better scores and a reduction in handicap.




Preparation before the game

Pre Shot Routine

Tips and Techniques

On The Tee


Approach Shots

Bunker Play


Strategy and Attitude

Popular Games

Common Faults and Their Causes

Improvement Analysis Chart

Club Distance Record Chart

Sample Pages

Please see below some page samples from the book

The Perfect Gift

    Birthday Present

    Father or Mothers Day

    A Stocking Filler for Christmas

    Corporate Golf Day Dinner table gift
    (A refreshing change from tees and ball markers!)

    It can be printed with your company Logo on the back cover.
    Discounts are available for larger quantities.

PRICE £4.50 Free Post and Packing.

Reviews and Comments

  • "The best little golf book read ever! Some great little tips."

    David Rush - Bungay & Waveney Valley Golf Club
  • "Reading this book,will without a doubt,help you improve your score!"

    MARK DAVIS - 9 Handicap, Thetford Golf Club
  • "A concise guide to the basics of Golf, it’s well written and beautifully illustrated. The objectives of the book are simple “identify your weaknesses” practice them more often than you practice your strengths and your game should improve, the bleeding will stop. The book tells you to concentrate but at the same time over-thinking can be disastrous, trust your muscles and think positively, hit the ball towards the hole, your next shot could be the best shot you’ve ever hit, really good advice. Read every word, this book could be your salvation, it’s worth every penny."

    Charles S. Davies 17.6 Handicap – Llanishen Golf Club, CARDIFF, South Wales.
  • "This book was a back to basic look at my game after 30 years of playing golf.I had picked up so many bad habits"Keep the Ball in Play" really helped."

    Gerald Humphrys 18 Handicap Rhondda Golf Club
  • "Great little book for all whom play this game,we think we know it all but need reminding,this book does just that!"

    JOHN HUTCHINSON - 18 Handicap, Cuddington Golf Club


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